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Explore the Art and the Journey of Pressed Flower Artist Susan McChesney.

Eyeing an unused flower press in my studio, I began pressing flower petals and leaves from a local flower farm in 2017, after a lifetime of figurative drawing.

I found the pressed petals to be vibrant and alive visually.

With inspiration from the WNC mountains around me, I collage them into landscape images, using the petals like strokes of paint. 

I am now also delighting in the reproductions of the originals with prints on paper and canvas, and jigsaw puzzles, available in my online shop.

Originals, prints, puzzles and cards are also available at Flow Gallery Marshall NC, and Mountain Made Gallery Asheville. Originals are available at John C. Campbell  Folk School Craft Shop, Brasstown NC

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Online Shop Open!

Originals, prints notecards, puzzles available for sale online,

in addition to workshop reservations.

Pressed Flower Art WORKSHOPS!

Experience my techniques pressing, unpressing, storing, and collaging, creating piece of art to treasure.

All materials, tips, tricks and fun provided.

September 29, 1-4PM; NC Arboretum, Asheville

See Adult and Continuing Education webpage for details:

October 14, 1-4PM; Bankers Hours Co-Working in Marshall. $55 ; $20 nonrefundable will hold your seat with remainder due at workshop, or pay in full in shop now. Both options are listed; choose office pickup not shipping in checkout.


Visit the shop to purchase, reserving YOUR spot; 

questions: email

Programs & Workshops

The Artist

The Artist.

“I marvel at the unfurling of a petal, the opening of a blossom pod, a seed head flinging its bounty. The transformation has always sparked wonder in me, since being sent as a child of a farm to the garden to pick whatever was ready for supper that night. I find creative inspiration and joy in the flow of being from seed to blossom to …

Layers of translucent colored pencils, chalk pastels on a gritty surface, watercolor in soft washes, pressed petals playing together. 

Flowers, landscapes of color and texture, petals, bouquets, abstractions of all these things:

All are before me."

 -Susan McChesney

Having drawn for all my life, my creative practice shifted, after illness left me with a shaky hand, to include pressing flowers and leaves from Western North Carolina and collaging them into landscapes.

So many of the same elements come into play: color, shape, texture, value, perspective… but transformed by the fragility and variety presented by nature.

Surrounded by flowers, I am grateful for their bounty.

Susan McChesney
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The Art of Pressing Flowers

Oshibana, the 16th c. Japanese floral preservation tradition of pressed flower art, grappled then with preserving color in the flower petals, and the challenge continues today.

The contemporary techniques to remove oxygen from the originals, the fading culprit, include lamination and press sealing, both of which I use.

Originals are sealed upon completion and they will hold color, and they will change, over time. 

Experience has told me that whites and greens often brown. Dye Flowers hold color well.

They are always Gorgeous.

They tell me what to do.

The Journey

The Journey.

Education & Work

Diploma, School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

M. Ed, Antioch University

20+ years teaching and administrative positions in Department of Education, MFA Boston

40+ years public and private studio instruction with a concentration in Drawing, 7+ years Pressed Flower Collage; all ages and abilities

2014 - 2015 Roots + Wings, Asheville

2019 - 2021 Asheville Art Museum, Studio Instructor

2023 -          NC Arboretum, Asheville

2023 -          McChesneyArt @ Banker's Hours Co-Working

Susan lived and worked in mid-coast Maine 2001 – 2014, and now lives, works and teaches in Marshall and Asheville, NC

See some of her art journey in this gallery.

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Preserving memories of some of the most important occasions in a life.

Entrust your Special Occasion Flowers to me to preserve them and create a collage with the pressed florals that will stir memories for many years to come.


They too are marking Special Passages; Keep them.


Originals, prints, puzzles and cards at Flow Gallery Marshall, NC. (14 S. Main St.)

June 1, 2021

Art Instructor Helps Cut Flowers Reach Their Full Potential

by Tom Kerr


Finalist Craft Category; Our State Magazine Made-in-NC Awards 2021


Originals, prints, puzzles and cards at Mountain Made Gallery in Grove Arcade, Asheville.

Originals at John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop, Brasstown, NC.


The News-Record & Sentinel's Spring & Summer 2022

Visitors Guide for

Madison County NC - 

First Place in Niche publications category, NC Press Association 2023.
Cover image by Susan McChesney

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